Confectionery technologist

The training lasts 3 years with 12 weeks of instruction per year. The 12 weeks are divided into 3 training blocks. During these teaching blocks, the trainees have full-day lessons and work placements. During this time, they live in the colleague’s own boarding school.

The training, which provides a future-oriented professional profile, ends with a theoretical knowledge test and a practical skills test.

The skills to be learned are taught in subjects whose content is assigned to specific learning fields. There are so-called bundled subjects:

  • Confectionery production
  • Technical production and process management
  • Quality assurance

The subject of confectionery production is deepened by several hours of practical training in the college’s own practice rooms. In addition, the subjects of economics and social studies, German, English and religion also contribute their content to the special learning fields. The subject of sport must also be taken.

The above-mentioned learning fields are structured as follows for all trainees over three years of training:

First year of training

  1. Present training company
  2. Check and assess raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials
  3. Storing raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials
  4. Pre-treat raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials

Second year of training

  1. Produce base mixes, doughs and semi-finished products
  2. Packaging confectionery
  3. Making sweets and confectionery
  4. Making fine baked goods and snacks

Third year of training

  1. Making chocolate and confectionery
  2. Making ice cream
  3. Ensuring the quality of confectionery
  4. Developing confectionery products

The final examination consists of the following examination areas:

  • Production of confectionery
  • Confectionery technology
  • Economic and social studies

The practical skills test will take place in one of the following elective areas:

  • Production of chocolate goods and confectionery
  • Production of sweets and confectionery
  • Production of fine baked goods
  • Production of snacks
  • Production of ice cream

The examinations are carried out under the supervision of the Bergische IHK Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid and take place on the premises of the ZDS.

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The Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) offers an apprenticeship exchange on its website, which lists current vacancies.

Please click here to go to the training exchange.

The following member companies currently offer apprenticeships:

Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH

JR Die Schokoladenfabrik GmbH