Our general terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

§1 Services

The ZDS organizes seminars, congresses, practical courses and workshops with speakers commissioned by it, ZDS lecturers and external experts. The participant is familiar with the respective speaker and the topic of the seminar from the ZDS website or the respective brochure.
Although the commissioned speakers and external experts are carefully selected by the ZDS and are provided with proven seminar concepts for the implementation of the seminars, the services are provided by the speakers and external experts themselves under their own responsibility. The ZDS accepts no liability for the content and the manner of implementation.

§2 Registration, confirmation of participation, data protection

Registration is made in writing via an Internet registration form and only becomes legally effective when confirmed in writing by the ZDS. If the confirmation of registration is not received or is delayed, the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded unless ZDS declares its refusal within a period of 14 days. By registering for an event, participation is binding for the participant. For events with a limited number of participants, registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. In the event of overbooking, the applicant will be informed immediately; a contract will not be concluded in this case. Participants’ data is processed electronically for internal purposes.

By sending the registration form/email, the sender agrees to the storage of the data provided. The data will be treated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and used exclusively to the extent necessary. Data will only be passed on to third parties for advertising purposes with express permission.

By sending the e-mail, the sender agrees to receive e-mails from the ZDS until further notice.

§ 3 Payment, invoicing

All prices shown are tax-free sales in accordance with § 4 para. 8-28 UstG.

Should a tax exemption cease to apply, ZDS will draw attention to this fact upon registration and prior to conclusion of the contract. In this case, the prices are net, plus VAT. the statutory value added tax applicable at the time of invoicing. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the program description, the price of an event is only the price for the event, all materials, documents, handouts and certificates of participation.

ZDS accepts payment by credit card (Visa / Diners Club, EURO- and MasterCard) upon registration. You will receive an invoice for this from the ZDS.

The payment data is recorded after the contract has been processed. There are no additional charges for payment by credit card. Your credit card will be charged immediately after you have registered for the event.

If electronic payment is not offered at the time of registration, the invoice will be issued electronically upon confirmation of registration and is due immediately, at the latest 10 days (receipt on the ZDS invoice account) before the start of the event, payable without deduction and free of charge to the ZDS account.

If no payment has been received by the aforementioned date, ZDS reserves the right to withdraw from the contract. In the event of withdrawal by the ZDS, the right to participate no longer exists. Withdrawal shall be made in writing. The ZDS reserves the right to claim the processing fees specified in § 4. If there is no withdrawal and payment is made before the start of the event following a reminder from the ZDS, a reminder fee of € 10.00 will be charged.

Discounts on participation fees are possible; discounts are at the discretion of the ZDS. There is no legal entitlement to this.

§ 4 Withdrawal, rebooking, substitute participants

In the case of events, withdrawals by participants who have already registered in writing must be made in writing. The following processing fees will be charged for cancelations:

  • Up to 2 weeks before the start of the seminar: 10 % of the seminar fee.
  • Within 2 – 1 weeks before the start of the seminar: 50% of the seminar fee.
  • Within 6-0 days before the start of the event or in the event of non-attendance at the seminar date without prior notice: 100% of the seminar fee.

The above shall not apply in the event that the canceling participant provides a paying substitute participant (representative). The substitute participant must be named to ZDS in writing at the time of withdrawal, stating all necessary personal details.

ZDS reserves the right to withdraw from the contract up to the start of the event and during the event if, in the case of product and/or manufacturing demonstrations by companies based in the market, whether on the premises of ZDS or on the premises of the company based in the market, it becomes apparent that the participant or his employer or client is in a direct competitive/rival relationship with the demonstrating company. In this case, the withdrawal can be declared verbally or in writing. The right to participate expires immediately.

§ 5 Cancellation of events and liability

The ZDS reserves the right to cancel or postpone events due to an insufficient number of participants. In this case, the participant will be notified at least 5 working days before the start of the event. If an event is canceled due to illness of the speaker(s), force majeure or other unforeseeable events, there is no entitlement to the event being held. Similarly, in the event of a course cancellation or postponement, travel and accommodation costs as well as expenses incurred due to loss of working hours will not be covered.

ZDS shall only be liable for damages in the event of its own fault or that of its vicarious agents (ZDS specialist lecturers) in the event of intent or gross negligence. Liability for indirect damages to a merchant is limited to 10 times the invoice amount. These limitations of liability shall not apply if a material contractual obligation or a cardinal obligation has been breached. In this case, there is a claim to compensation for typical contractual damages. The exemption from liability according to sentence 1 does not apply to damages resulting from delay or impossibility of performance. However, if the customer is a merchant, the seller shall only be liable in the event of delay or impossibility of performance in the event of intent or gross negligence.

ZDS shall not be liable for consulting errors or other deficiencies in performance on the part of third parties consulted and proven by the publisher.

The speakers and external experts are independent cooperation partners of the ZDS. You are responsible for the organization and implementation of the seminars, part of the advertising, public appearances, your statements and actions, as well as for the correct business procedure. Claims against the respective speaker / external expert are not accepted by the ZDS. Reasoned requests should be addressed to the respective speaker / external expert.

§ 6 Warranty and reservation of the right to make changes

ZDS events are carefully prepared and carried out according to the current state of knowledge. All events are conducted by experienced and renowned speakers, and all materials, documents and handouts are prepared according to the latest findings. However, ZDS assumes no liability for the correctness and accuracy of the training content and documents.

The ZDS reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the content and/or organization before or during the event, provided that these do not significantly change the overall character of the event. If necessary, the ZDS is entitled to replace the initially scheduled speaker(s), ZDS specialist lecturers or external experts with equally qualified persons.

§ 7 Copyright and rights of use

ZDS retains all copyright usage rights to the training documents provided. The documents may not be reproduced for passing on to third parties, with the exception of the reproduction of training documents for the purpose of data backup. The participant may only make a copy and use it for his/her own purposes if the original is no longer usable due to damage or destruction. Printed documents may not be reprinted or imitated, even in part.

§ 8 Room reservations

The ZDS holds a room contingent in a nearby hotel or – if the event takes place in a conference hotel – in this hotel for participants in events that take place on the premises of the ZDS.

Rooms can be requested and booked directly from the hotel operator with reference to the ZDS event. A contractual relationship is established exclusively between the hotel and the participant.

If cancellation or accommodation costs are passed on to the ZDS by the hotel, these are to be reimbursed by the participant.

§ 9 Audio and video recordings

At some events, audio and video recordings, photos or other images are made for ZDS’s own advertising, which are published on the website, in books and in ZDS’s own advertising materials. These are not portraits of individuals, but photos that reflect the event as a whole and in which the individual can be recognized as a participant in the event.
Individual events are recorded in part or in full as video or audio with the aim of selling the recording as a product or part of a product – for example as a teaching course or as a book, CD-ROM, etc. – for sale. If recordings of this type are planned, this will be expressly noted both in the description of the event and in the confirmation of the participant’s place. By registering, the participant confirms that he/she is aware of the above and gives the ZDS his/her express consent for these photos, videos or other images or sound recordings to be taken and published. If media are produced in the aforementioned manner, the participant has the option of clearly announcing in advance that he/she does not wish to be recorded for this part of the event, which affects him/her in an extraordinary way, for scenes in which he/she alone is exposed to the audience in the context of individual demonstrations together with the speaker. In this case, this part of the event will not be recorded.

§10 Place of fulfillment, jurisdiction and effectiveness

The place of performance and jurisdiction is the registered office of ZDS. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

Any invalidity of one or more provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid clauses, that clause shall apply which most closely corresponds to the economic intention in a legally permissible manner. This also applies to the supplementary interpretation of the contract (severability clause)

The contract language is German.