Technical center confectionery

Three pilot plants are available for the production of hard and soft caramels. Two stamping lines for filled and unfilled hard caramels and a production line for soft caramels. In addition to various batch stoves,  sugar pulling machines, one-shot depositing technology and continuous and discontinuous pressure whipping devices are also used. The confectionery products can be packaged using vertical or horizontal flow-wrapping machines.

Chocolate technical center

Here, chocolate is made directly from the cocoa bean. The entire production process, starting with the preparation and cleaning of the cocoa beans, roasting, grinding, conching and tableting (filled and unfilled products in the one-shot process) can be shown in this department. The ZDS has the technical capabilities to demonstrate classic and alternative production technologies on a pilot scale. Ball mills, rolling mills and conches are used for this, as are various tempering machines. The machinery is complemented by a modern sugar grinding machine and cocoa butter press as well as a centrifugal machine for hollow figures and a horizontal packaging machine for tablet products.

Technical center Fine baked goods & snacks

At the heart of this modern technical center is an industrial production line for fine baked goods (shaped, sliced and laminated pastries) with a continuous 6 m long steel belt oven. The department also has numerous machines for the production and further processing of wafers, hard cookies, crackers, gingerbread, puff pastry, macaroons and many other filled and unfilled pastries. But there are also appliances available for baked, extruded and deep-fried snacks.

Technikum confectionery

The entire product range of gum and jelly articles, including licorice, is produced in this department. The technical possibilities also offer the production of marshmallow, marzipan, nougat, fondant, brittle and, above all, pralines. For this purpose, a pressure dissolver, fondant depositing machine, roaster, one-shot depositing machine, continuous and discontinuous ventilation systems and a modern enrobing machine with cooling tunnel are available.

Technikum Dragee / Chewing gum

All types of hard, soft and chocolate dragees can be produced here; five classic metal dragee kettles, an automatic draining system and a ribbon draining machine are available for this purpose. A glass dragee jar is used for special silver dragees. Our chewing gum internships also regularly take place in this technical center.

Ice cream technical center

This technical center provides the process technology for continuous and discontinuous ice cream production. In addition to jet mixers for adding powder to liquids, a homogenizer, pasteurizer, three freezers and two cooling cells are available for this purpose.

Technical center food