Entry qualification

In-company entry qualification (EQ) is a long-term internship lasting at least 6 to a maximum of 12 months. Its aim is to integrate young people into everyday working life and prepare them for an apprenticeship.

EQ is aimed at young people from the following target group:

  • Training seekers with individually limited placement prospects
  • Training seekers who do not yet have the required training qualifications in full
  • Learning impaired and socially disadvantaged apprenticeship seekers

EQ is offered in 2 areas:

  • Confectionery industry: EQ “Producing confectionery”
  • Food industry: EQ “Assistance in food technology”

Participants in EQ are generally subject to compulsory vocational schooling. During the internship period, they attend vocational school in block form at the ZDS at the same time as the respective 1st year apprentices.

Successful completion of the EQ program makes it possible to be taken on as a trainee. The EQ can then be credited to the training period.

At the end of EQ, participants receive a company certificate confirming the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Upon request, the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce can issue a certificate of successful participation.