Specialist for food technology

The training lasts 3 years with 12 weeks of instruction per year. The 12 weeks are divided into 3 training blocks. During these teaching blocks, the trainees have all-day lessons. During this time, you will live in the colleague’s own boarding school.

The pupils attend the state specialist class at the ZDS. Lessons are taught in block form and are divided into the following areas:

I. Occupational area

  • Economics and business studies
  • Food technology
  • Production process

II Cross-occupational learning area

  • German / Communication
  • Religious education
  • Sport / health promotion
  • Politics / social studies

The subjects are supplemented by practicals in the school’s own pilot plant rooms and the QA laboratory as well as excursions.

Food technology and production processes are two of the main areas of study in the food technology apprenticeship.

Food technology focuses on the raw materials, semi-finished products and auxiliary materials required for the production of food.

The subjects taught are the analysis of food ingredients, development of production processes, comparison and assessment of various pre-treatment methods, mixing and separation processes with regard to product and production-oriented processing and preservation as well as the monitoring of food quality, including aspects of operational quality management.

In the subject of production processes , the focus is on the processes for manufacturing, storing and packaging the various product groups.

The course content relates to the requirements and legal regulations for the proper storage of food and materials, product-appropriate packaging and the control, evaluation and calculation of corresponding processes, conveyor and storage systems.

Packaging processes are evaluated with regard to measurement and control technology (MCR), nominal fill quantity control and closure control. Changes in food are analyzed from a physical, chemical and biochemical point of view.

The training ends with a theoretical knowledge test in the following subjects

  • Quality management
  • Technology
  • Economics and business studies

and a practical skills test in the company-specific activity. The theoretical examinations are taken at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the respective home town. The practical examination is carried out by the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce in your own training company.

After passing the examination, the candidate receives a certificate as a food technology specialist.