General information

For semi-skilled employees, the ZDS offers the advanced training course “From semi-skilled to skilled worker” (AF course).

The “From semi-skilled to skilled worker” courses are aimed at employees,
who have been working in the confectionery or food sector of a company for some time (4.5 years) but have not completed any training in the food or confectionery sector.

This course gives them the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to pass the skilled worker examination.

This training is offered by the ZDS for two specializations.

– Confectionery technologist (abbreviation: AF-S)
– Specialist for food technology (abbreviation: AF-L)

Both AF courses are certified by the Hanseatic Certification Agency in accordance with AZAV.

AF-S Further training: Confectionery technology

The advanced training in the “Confectionery Technology” specialization takes place in 4 stages. The first three parts are taught full-time for 3 weeks. In the 4th level, the course lasts 4 weeks, with the last week reserved for the final examination at the ZDS.

The content of the “Confectionery technologist” course is taught in the following areas

  • Confectionery production
  • Technical production and process management
  • Quality assurance
  • Economic and social studies

The lessons are divided into the following 12 learning fields:

Lernfeld Nr.ThemaStufen
1Ausbildungsbetrieb präsentieren1.Block
2Roh-, Zusatz- und Hilfsstoffe prüfen und beurteilen3 Wochen
3Roh-, Zusatz- und Hilfsstoffe lagern
4Roh-, Zusatz- und Hilfsstoffe vorbehandeln2. Block
5Grundmassen, Teige und Halbfabrikate herstellen3 Wochen
6Süßwaren verpacken
7Bonbons und Zuckerwaren herstellen3. Block
8Feine Backwaren und Knabberartikel herstellen3 Wochen
9Schokoladewaren und Konfekt herstellen
10Speiseeis herstellen4. Block
11Qualität von Süßwaren sichern4 Wochen
12Süßwarenprodukte entwickeln

This part is deepened by full-day internships in the colleague’s own practice rooms.

The AF Confectionery Technology course ends with a theoretical knowledge test in the subjects of confectionery production and economics and social studies as well as a practical skills test in an area of application to be chosen (chocolate and confectionery; sweets and sugar confectionery, fine baked goods, snacks, ice cream). The examinations are carried out under the supervision of the Bergische IHK Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid on the premises of the ZDS.

AF-L Further training: Food technology

The 2-year advanced training in the “Food Technology” specialization takes place in 4 stages. All levels are taught full-time for 3 weeks.

In this course, the ZDS imparts knowledge in the following subjects to the course participants:

  • Economics and business studies
  • Food technology
    Raw materials
    Auxiliary materials
    Quality assurance
    Food law
  • Production process
    Technical communication
    Process engineering
    Scientific basics
    Product development
    Manufacturing process
    Environmental protection
    Occupational safety

The practical training takes place in the respective training companies.

Funding opportunities

On presentation of a training voucher, funding is provided by the employment agencies in accordance with §81 SGB III.

In this case, the course costs amount to € 850.80 per level (AF-L) or € 1054.30 (AF-S) per level and include the costs for textbooks and the IHK examination fee of approx. € 300. There are also costs for accommodation and meals (see flyer).