CHOCO TEC 2024 CIC-2426 10.12.2024 - 12.12.2024 CHOCO TEC is one of the most successful congresses and most important meeting places for the chocolate industry. As a highlight at [...]

CHOCO TEC 20242024-02-05T13:27:05+00:00

Web seminar: Sensory analysis – chocolate-coated baked goods


19.09.2024 The market for confectionery is subject to constant change. New flavor combinations, trends and ingredients are constantly influencing the product range and influencing customers' purchasing decisions. In product [...]

Web seminar: Sensory analysis – chocolate-coated baked goods2024-02-05T13:26:59+00:00

Web seminar: Sensory analysis – chocolate


18.09.2024 The seminar deals with sensory analysis as a tool and with sensory methods to support product development and marketing. Goals and content The web seminar deals with sensory [...]

Web seminar: Sensory analysis – chocolate2024-02-05T13:26:59+00:00

Web seminar: Cocoa sensory analysis


17.09.2024 The web seminar deals specifically with sensory analysis and sensory methods for the raw material cocoa, which forms the building block of flavor development for chocolate. Goals and [...]

Web seminar: Cocoa sensory analysis2024-02-05T13:26:59+00:00

Web seminar: Sensory analysis – nuts


16.09.2024 This web seminar is all about the sensory evaluation of nuts. With more than 25%, nut chocolates are at the top of the German sales statistics. In order [...]

Web seminar: Sensory analysis – nuts2024-02-05T13:26:59+00:00

Chocolate Manufacturing: Intense practical course (3 weeks)


Chocolate Manufacturing: Intense practical course 08. - 26.07.2024 For many years we are offering this intensive chocolate manufacturing course. It is one of the most important technical seminars to [...]

Chocolate Manufacturing: Intense practical course (3 weeks)2024-02-05T13:26:58+00:00

Web-Seminar: Sugarfree and Sugar-reduced Chocolates


Sugarfree, sugar-reduced and calorie-reduced chocolates 23.04.2024 - 24.04.2024 Alternative sugars, rare sugars, and sugar substitutes that partially or completely replace sucrose in chocolate are not always easy to use. [...]

Web-Seminar: Sugarfree and Sugar-reduced Chocolates2024-02-05T13:26:58+00:00

Introductory internship: Industrial chocolate production


March 23 - March 24, 2024 The introductory practical course in chocolate deals with the production technologies of chocolate and the products made from it in [...]

Introductory internship: Industrial chocolate production2024-02-05T13:26:58+00:00

Technology for chocolate enjoyment part 1: rolling and conching


Web seminar Technology for chocolate enjoyment: Rolling and conching 27.02.2024-28.02.2024 After this two-day classroom seminar, you will know how chocolate production can be influenced technologically. You will learn which [...]

Technology for chocolate enjoyment part 1: rolling and conching2024-02-05T13:26:58+00:00
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