Sugarfree, sugar-reduced and calorie-reduced chocolates

19.06.2024 – 20.06.2024

Alternative sugars, rare sugars, and sugar substitutes that partially or completely replace sucrose in chocolate are not always easy to use. The pressure on the industry to offer more natural, healthier, lower-sugar products is increasing. This seminar will show which raw materials partially or completely replace sucrose and what influence they have on taste, texture, and production process.

For the web seminar, you will receive a sample box with various market products and chocolate samples produced in the ZDS technical center. The following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of alternative sucrose, sugarfree and sugar-reduced chocolates
  • Sugar alternatives – coconut blossom sugar, agave sugar, date sugar, cocoa pulp sugar
  • Sugar alternatives
  • High intensity sweetener
  • Fibres
  • Rare sugars
  • FMP, improver, and masking
  • Chocolate tasting