Open Day 2023 – A complete success!

On April 19, 2023, we celebrated the ZDS Open Day with the entire ZDS team as well as all trainees and technician classes.

Yesterday we celebrated the Open Day with the best weather, the best atmosphere and the best ZDS commitment from all colleagues, trainees and technician classes.

It was a great honor to welcome our guests, including multipliers from various areas such as the city of Solingen, the district government, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the employment agency, the BDSI, many representatives of companies from the economy and the regional association as well as neighbors and family members.

We would particularly like to thank the Mayor of Solingen, Thilo Schnor, for his positive and forward-looking speech. We would also like to thank Andreas Coppenrath, Chairman of the Board of ZDS e.V., who presented passionate reviews, motivating future prospects and inspiring opportunities for ZDS to the audience with great enthusiasm.

In the afternoon, our guests were able to choose from a whole potpourri of different events. In addition to the “Make your own ice cream!” There were many exciting hands-on activities for our interested visitors, as well as a school rally and a guided tour of the entire ZDS. There was a lot to see. After all, Open Day means that we provide a transparent insight into our school.

With complete success!

Thank you very much.
Your ZDS Team