March 23 – March 24, 2024

The introductory practical course in chocolate deals with the production technologies of chocolate and the products made from it in theory and practice.

What is the content of the internship?

In the introductory chocolate practical course, participants learn the basics of chocolate production technology and the products made from it. The influences of raw materials on chocolate quality, further processing options and quality aspects are explained. Following the theoretical lectures, the knowledge gained will be clearly deepened in practical group work and demonstrations.

What is the aim of this internship?

The focus of this internship is on

  • learn to assess the raw materials and their qualities,
  • get to know the classic processing method and alternatives,
  • Recognize and solve manufacturing problems and quality influences within the demonstrations.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at newcomers to the subject, production staff in cocoa and chocolate processing companies and quality assurance staff who want to deepen their existing knowledge, as well as anyone who would like to learn more about chocolate.