Industrial fine bakery production: Introductory internship


This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the basics of industrial production processes for fine baked goods.

Contents of the event

In addition to lectures on important raw materials, their extraction and properties, the kneading, shaping and baking process, this practical course also focuses on practical product manufacture. Among other things, a test baking line with pastry formers and a steel belt oven as well as other machines are available for this purpose.

Aim of this internship

  • Teaching the basics about raw materials
  • To reflect the current state of manufacturing technology
  • To present and discuss innovative product ideas and process technologies

Who is the course aimed at?

This event is aimed in particular at employees from product development, application technology, marketing, sales and the supplier industry who would like to gain a better understanding of industrial processes. It is also aimed at employees who are new to the baked goods industry or from production, who are given the opportunity to refresh and expand their specialist knowledge during their internship.