Industrial ice cream production: introductory internship

14.10.2024 – 17.10.2024

The seminar provides an introduction to the industrial production of ice cream. Participants learn the basics of raw materials, process parameters and production technology. In the practical part, we will demonstrate the production of ice cream masses with continuous machines. Participants are welcome to send requests for their own ideas in advance to the seminar department at Some presentations could be held in English.

Focal points:

  • Ice cream machines, premix, posttreatment
  • Basics of ice cream recipe design – Emulsifying and stabilizing in ice cream
  • Milk protein and plant-based alternatives in ice cream
  • Whipping – Freezing – Hardening – Storage – Delivery – Consumption
  • The ice cream market in Europe / Trends
  • Colors in the ice
  • Homogenization of the ice cream mix
  • Cocoa and chocolate/ Inclusions and coatings for ice cream

Target group:

  • Newcomers to the subject matter
  • Employees in production, quality assurance, product development, marketing, sales
  • Employees in the supplier industry
  • Other:
    Accommodation in the ZDS guest house possible, ask our seminar coordinators