27.08.2024 – 28.08.2024

This web seminar is about setting up production systems more efficiently and sustainably. Participants learn tools to systematically recognize and address errors and present solutions constructively.

Machines in the confectionery industry have never been more efficient and precise than they are today. Thanks to new technologies, we are able to produce our products in better quality, with less waste and fewer and fewer employees. In this seminar, your employees will learn how to fully exploit the potential of their systems.

Theoretical content of the webinar

  • Read, understand and adapt processes
  • Analyzing errors (including exercises for analytical thinking)
  • Spontaneous settings vs. planned optimizations
  • Tolerance values as leeway for scrap reduction
  • Communicate efficiently with colleagues and superiors.

Objectives of the web seminar

  • Understanding and solving errors
  • Efficient production through process optimization
  • Making production processes more sustainable
  • Communicate proposed solutions constructively

Who the web seminar is aimed at

  • System operator
  • Process technologists and process engineers
  • Team and production manager
  • Project manager in production