Introductory internship in industrial hard and soft caramel production

05.11.2024 – 07.11.2024

This practical introductory course teaches the basics of making hard and soft caramels. Participants will learn about the most important ingredients and production techniques for making hard caramels, toffees, fudge and soft chewy sweets.

Theoretical and practical content of the internship:

  • Raw materials for sugar confectionery
  • Hard caramels (embossed and molded)
  • Toffees, fudge and chewy sweets
  • Sugar-free and sugar-reduced products

Aim of this internship

  • Learning to assess raw materials and their qualities
  • Get to know manufacturing processes
  • Recognize and solve manufacturing problems and quality influences

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Newcomers to the subject matter
  • Plant operator
  • Employees in production, quality assurance, product development, marketing, sales
  • Employees in the supplier and machine industry
  • Employees from other areas who want to understand the products