It is always a moving moment when we receive messages from former ZDS students and trainees who remember their time with us. We recently received a message from an alumni who attended ZDS 20 years ago and described his experience as a valuable and formative time.

In April of this year, our food technology specialists (FaLet) also took their big step after 3 years and machine and plant operators (MAF) after 2 years. The farewell and handover from the vocational school took place in our foyer. They now face the written exams at the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce on 14 May 2024, followed by the practical exams at their training companies.

We are proud that 20 graduates have achieved the FaLet qualification and 17 the MAF qualification. Their grade point averages of 2.55 (FaLet) and 2.4 (MAF) reflect the hard work and dedication they showed during their training.

Specialist in food technology (FaLet)

The training programme for food technology specialists focuses on two main fields of study: Food technology and production processes. Food technology focuses on the raw materials, semi-finished products and auxiliary materials that are needed to produce food. Our FaLet graduates are ideally trained to work in this field and make a valuable contribution to food production.

Machine and plant operator – food technology (MAF)

At a time when production is becoming increasingly automated, qualified specialists like our MAF graduates are of crucial importance. They are able to operate, maintain and monitor highly complex machines and systems. From preparing the work steps on the PC to manually operating the machines during production – our MAF graduates are ideally equipped to successfully meet the challenges of modern food production.

We would like to congratulate all graduates and wish them all the best for their future careers and continued success!