March 19 – March 20, 2024

Hygiene and related food safety issues are more important than ever in the chocolate industry. Even seemingly small errors can have major consequences and cause damage running into millions. After this seminar, you will better understand what needs to be done to produce safe confectionery such as chocolate and how to react in the event of a deviation.

Topic overview: Microbiological contamination

  • Salmonella on cocoa beans, in cocoa mass and chocolate
  • Listeria monocytogenes: properties and relevance for the confectionery industry
  • Microbiological hygiene indicators, control, monitoring
  • Backup systems necessary useful


  • Plant engineering and hygienic design – from practice for practice
  • Surface crack and hygiene testing in liquid tanks with double walls
  • Pest detection and control

Sampling in production

  • Sampling aids (impression test, culture media…..)
  • Sampling of product residues and product transitions from chocolate-producing systems

Cleaning, control

  • ATP test setting the course?
  • Industrial hygiene: an elementary building block for food safety
  • Hygiene training more important than ever!
  • Mold cleaning – “Technological and economic potential”
  • Evaluation of microbiological findings/DGHM guideline and warning values for chocolate