At the 11th Cocoa Round Table on June 13 and 14 in Hamburg, the dramatic rise in cocoa prices and their causes, such as crop failures, were discussed in detail. The speakers showed how cocoa research can help to prevent crop failures and supply bottlenecks in the medium to long term. A central point was the improvement of communication of research results, especially with cocoa farmers, in order to strengthen knowledge transfer locally and globally.

Another focus was on cocoa bean quality, with the latest findings on the influence of fermentation techniques and cocoa tree genetics. Particular emphasis was placed on fruity notes and off-flavors. An AI-based approach to analyzing the sensory quality of cocoa was also presented. Finally, the speakers reported on the progress of the Technical Working Group on MOH and proposed a benchmark level for MOH in jute bags.

ZDS was proud to be represented at this important event by our Managing Director Andreas Bertram with a stand.