Gums and Jellies Production: Practical Introduction Course including selected topics for Functional Gums

March 4 to 8, 2024

In this practical course about gums & jellies production, the participants get to know in theory and practice the characteristics and technology of ingredients and their use in products. In addition, we talk about the specifics of raw materials, formulations, and processing technology for the production of functional gums.


  • Sugar and glucose syrup
  • Starch gums
  • Gum arabic pastillas
  • Pectin jellies
  • Agar-Agar jellies
  • Production methods starch & starchless depositing
  • Functional gums and jellies, trends, ingredients, concepts
  • Aerated products – Ingredients & Technology
  • FMPs and masking flavors
  • Antisticking agents

Who should attend?

  • Food technologists from the confectionery industry, who are working in R&D, Production, QA
  • Technical service and support personnel of the raw material and machinery industry.
  • Members of manufacturing companies, who wish a technical introduction to this product range.