19.08. – 30.08.2024

This intensive course imparts a broad overview of sugar confectionery products. The participants get to know the ingredients and production techniques in detail.

This comprehensive program will equip participants with all the necessary knowledge and skills to produce a wide range of sugar confectionery. From sugar and sugar-free hard candies to toffee / fudge, caramels, marshmallows, bubblegums, and much more, we cover it all! 

During the theoretical sessions, topics such as „sugar substitutes“ and „high-intensity sweeteners“ will be discussed, along with the production technology of sugar-based confectionery. This comprehensive program is designed to immerse participants in the intricacies of sugar confectionery production, providing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in our facility. 

Our experienced experts will provide intensive training using our own machinery park. With over 75 years of experience and conducting more than 50 seminars yearly, ZDS has established itself as a leading educational and training institution in the confectionery industry worldwide. 

Upon completion of the two-week program, participants will have the opportunity to earn our internationally recognized diploma by passing a written examination.

Main focus:

  • Raw materials, recipes, and production processes of:
  • High boilings, Caramels, toffees & fudges
  • Fruit gums, jellies
  • Panned goods
  • Sugar-free products

Target audience:

  • Executives, members of management, and company founders
  • Employees of confectionery and sugar confectionery industry: Production staff, product development, quality assurance

Main focus in this course: 

Week 1: August 19-23, 2024 

  • Explore the fundamentals: Classification of sugar confectionery products and an in-depth look at raw materials such as carbohydrates, sugar, water, and glucose syrup. 
  • Hands-on experience: Introduction to the laboratory, cooking of different sugar solutions, and die-formed hard boiled candies production. 
  • Discover sugar substitutes, high-intensity sweeteners, fibers, and delve into the world of deposited hard boiled candies, filled hard boiled candies, and milk hard boiled candies. 

Week 2: August 26-30, 2024 

  • Dive into the complexities of gum base, bubble gum, and chewing gum raw materials, along with the production technology of chewing and bubble gum. 
  • Explore the realm of gums and jellies: Raw materials, gelatin, modified starch, pectin, agar-agar, gum arabic, and carrageenan. 
  • Uncover the secrets of aerated confectionery and marshmallows, with practical sessions on manufacturing these delightful treats.