Chocolate Manufacturing: Intense practical course

08. – 26.07.2024

For many years we are offering this intensive chocolate manufacturing course. It is one of the most important technical seminars to produce chocolate industrially from the bean to cocoa mass and chocolate and to transform the chocolate by tempering and molding to tablets and filled chocolates.

Main focus:

  • Cocoa qualities, cultivation and post-harvesting
  • Raw materials and recipes
  • Cocoa mass production
  • Production of dark, milk, and white chocolate
  • Standard and alternative processes
  • Molding and enrobing techniques
  • Fillings & centers: praliné, fondant, truffle, fat-based fillings, etc.
  • Cocoa butter alternatives: CBE, CBR, CBS, and fat fillings
  • Hollow figures, premium confectionery chocolates
  • Quality control: viscosity, yield value, allergens, etc.

Target audience:

• Employees in the chocolate and confectionery industry: Production staff, product development, quality assurance


There is the possibility to stay at the ZDS. For a total course fee of 10.284,00 Euro we offer 20 overnight stays with breakfast. Check-in on Sunday (7th July) and check-out on Saturday (27th July). Please let us know if this is of interest to you.

ZDS diploma

The uniqueness of this course lies in the possibility to obtain not only a certificate of participation but a diploma in chocolate technology when passing the practical, written, and oral exams. Our diploma is internationally highly recognized.